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The world’s largest corporates are issuing hundreds of thousands of virtual cards each week to pay for hotel rooms and other approved hotel charges. As the demand for frictionless check in is increasing, hotels accepting virtual payment are geared to offer a superior seamless experience.

Seamless Check In
Step 1

Choose Secure Email Over Fax

Virtual cards are a type of invisible payment. This means that your guests won’t have a physical plastic payment card to show at check in. Instead, when you confirm a reservation, the virtual card details get sent directly to your property via secure email — along with client defined usage parameters for each booking ensuring only permitted charges can be placed on the card e.g. room & breakfast.

Best Practice: Opt-in to receive booking confirmations with virtual card details by secure email here

Step 2

Create Internal Awareness

Virtual cards are seamlessly processed in the same way as any “cardholder not present” (CNP) transaction.

Best Practice: Advice your team to treat virtual card bookings in same way as a standard CNP transaction.

Step 3

Forget Plastic, Embrace Seamless Check In

When the traveller arrives, both your property and your guest has all payment details.

Email instructions sent to your property will include any charges that may be billed for hotel stays, which the corporate customer has agreed to cover.

Travellers will also often have an app carrying an image of the entire virtual card number, CVC, expiry date and payment restrictions.

Best Practice: Verify that you have received payment confirmation via email. Alternatively, you can ask the traveller to show you their copy of the payment confirmation email or present the virtual card image from the app.

Step 4

Get Paid Quicker

Virtual credit cards can be generated and used at the time of the hotel reservation to enable smooth payments. Virtual cards are an invisible, embedded and secure method of payment, which means they enable hotels to enjoy shorter payment cycles, reduce in credit control processes and ultimately, improve cash flow.

Best Practice: Charge the card on day of checkout just like any other CNP booking, unless the rate is prepaid.