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Conferma Connect. An end to the hotel industry’s reliance on faxes, which are costly to run and can cause payment roadblocks, Conferma Connect is a game changer for the corporate hotel settlement process.

The Conferma Connect service safely communicates its clients’ virtual card information to all suppliers but is especially useful for hotels, as it eliminates the traditional reliance on antiquated fax technology. Over the past year half of all hotel virtual payments we facilitated were sent via secure email.

There are no downloads or complex encryption protocols, just a simple free opt-in. The system then automatically recognises the form of transmission needed for your hotel. This not only includes all traditional methods, but critically now allows virtual cards to be sent and received by PCI compliant email.

When a room reservation is confirmed, the virtual card details are sent directly to your property, along with client defined usage parameters for each booking, ensuring only permitted charges can be placed on the card e.g. room & breakfast.

Conferma Connect For Hotels

Conferma Connect is a real turning point that saves hotels time and money.

All your hotel has to do is opt in for FREE via the Opt-In Portal. It takes a couple of minutes to complete and could change the way you do business forever.

Conferma Connect for TMCs

For travel management companies (TMCs), Conferma Connect ensures quick, pain-free payment on every transaction. As it is an automated electronic system, Conferma Connect removes the need for manual faxes and offline activities.

Key benefits in brief

• Number one fax alternative
• Highly secure
• No complex encryption
• No downloads
• Free opt in
• Free emails for hotels
• Works on any device
• Save time and money


• Secure email
• Masked email
• Batch file
• Fax override